Forgotton Tree

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Can you help me find out more about a tree I saw in Winchester?

I holidayed in Winchester this weekend and walked part of the Clarendon Way.
We followed a stream (small tributary of the Itchen) southbound from Winchester until it came to an abrupt stop where the water pooled and the trail ended.
In front of us was a field full of sheep, far ahead the arches of the railway line and to the right, a large farm barn. We exited by crossing a field to our right which brought us up to St Cross Road, near a roundabout which lead to Oliver's battery.

I cant find the path we followed (or the stream) on any maps, so I don't know the name of the farm.
At the end of the path was very old (possibly dead) tree.
What was intriguing was that someone had nailed a plaque to the tree, but the writing was no longer legible. I'm now really curious to know the significance of the tree.
(It would also be useful to get the name of the owner of the sheep to call him - we noticed one poor lad was lame).